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Sasha and the Wolf
**This story as usual contains forced female on female fart endurance, furries/splicers and other wonderful weirdness. It's the oldest request I have, from like 18 months ago. Sorry for the moderately long turnaround! lol.. If you don't like that stuff, don't read. Cheers!**
Sasha got home from another thankless day on the job, placing her shoulder bag heavily on the floor and flinging her coat onto the couch. Life as it was seemed to be getting her down more than usual lately.  The company she worked for had an open hiring policy...more than a few splicers worked there. In a strange turn of events however it was a couple of her spliced coworkers that were causing the problem, and not normal folk.
Prim was a stunning woman...spliced with a wolf, her coat was gorgeous and full. She was just as curvy as ever, with stunning, piercing blue eyes. She worked in reception for obvious reasons. Most clients took very well to her exotic looks and her smile, though plastic and insincere tend
:icongary2112:gary2112 39 2
Anna about to destroy Bjorn by gary2112 Anna about to destroy Bjorn :icongary2112:gary2112 185 29
Mature content
Sasha Confronts a Thug :icongary2112:gary2112 33 7
Berlin by gary2112 Berlin :icongary2112:gary2112 93 11
Anna the Assassin, Part 2
Anna the Assassin, Part 2
Anna arrived back at Viktor's mansion, carrying her file box with Bjorn's remains inside. His guards looked at her with expressions of lust, seeded with deep fear and respect. As she walked down the long hallway towards his office, the two armed men assigned to protect the sizeable building's main entrance stared unflinchingly at her perfect ass...its round mounds swaying this way and that, with her tail held proudly out behind, gently bobbing with each step. Her shiny black hair cascaded over her shoulders, lashing at the middle of her back as she moved. That gorgeous white stripe of hers screamed danger, even as it became two thin lines down the backs of her gorgeous legs...almost like the defining seams of pantyhose. She was a pin-up girl in every sense of the word, and she loved being looked at. She could feel the guards' eyes all over her. Perhaps later she'd take one to her room...though men had a habit of not surviving her advances. Especially if they g
:icongary2112:gary2112 52 8
Anna the Assassin, Part 1
Anna the Assassin
Part 1
Bjorn Telarie was a very small man. Like so many other small men he carried a chip on his shoulder and liked to compensate by asserting his material things. Status if not stature, after all. Standing at just under two feet tall, having a a very squeaky voice to match his spliced rodent..Degus specifically..DNA, it would be difficult for anyone not to have a chuckle at his expense if he did not project such a cloak of arrogance and sinister intent. Many larger than life opponents of his in the business world ended up in mental ruin or even suicide due to his cut throat tactics and threats. One could hardly blame him though...for he was alone in this world, and his physical condition ensured he would remain so for the rest of his days.
Bjorn thought he'd jump on the splicer bandwagon, being a man of privilege. Thinking a sleek little creature such as the Degus..but human sized would be equally unique and a source of envy, he jumped at the chance when an obscure l
:icongary2112:gary2112 81 15
Justice Unaware 5, Berlin's crazy dream
Berlin had just broken up with her boyfriend of the past few months, Todd. She sobbed herself to sleep through the fleeting heartbreak and found herself in a strange dreamscape…not at all unlike something out of the Wizard of Oz or Willie Wonka.
She was standing there in her nightgown, the moons of her perfect, round bottom showing under the edge, her jet black, shiny hair bobbing to and fro in her pony tail. Coming down a forest path, whistling on his way was a tiny…square-shaped little guy with a top hat and spindly little arms and legs. It was a walking…marshmallow? He whistled as he walked without a care in the world and stopped at Berlin’s hooves. He stared up at her with a big smile, and in his high pitched, squeaky voice asked her “ Hello Miss Hieffer! Shouldn’t you be grazing in Candy Fields?”
“Uhh..I’m not a Heiffer…I’m a woman. This is just a DNA splicing experiment gone wrong…more of a disability re
:icongary2112:gary2112 50 23
Justice Unaware Part 4
Justice Unaware Part 4
*** In this continuation of the story, Berlin is very 'aware' of what she is doing when she encounters the man who made her as she is. It is quite violent and vengeful by multiple requests, so be warned!***
For the next few days at the office, the staff was abuzz at the terrible accident which befell Douglas the security guard. Apparently he had somehow managed to get trapped in the commercial paper shredder on the Friday evening before. The mess was a terrible one to be sure, and descriptions of the gruesome scene exaggerated by word of mouth revolved around the water cooler. Berlin furrowed her brow at the news, for although she was truthfully a little turned off by him, she did feel sorry for the way he was treated and felt a little bad at his tragic end.
Today however was a new day, and she sat at her desk with her headset on, answering the switchboard calls like an old pro. She had finally gotten into the swing of things, and actually felt good in her establ
:icongary2112:gary2112 61 16

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Just a humble fiction writer. Been getting a lot of commissioned story inquiries as of late. If there's something specific you want, let me know. We can work something out for points I guess. Cheers!



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A story I wrote a looong time ago under the pen name "Thomas298"
A bit of violence in this one. Involves a woman getting even with a diminutive burglar.

Karen had arrived home from work earlier than usual today. The stress at
the office was getting too much to bear so rather than risk a blow up at
one of her supervisors, ending her career she decided to call it quits a
little ahead of time for once.

She was just about to put her key into the deadbolt lock of her back door
when she heard a noise coming from inside. A little frightened, she
carefully peered into the sitting room window, which lay a few feet from
her rear balcony. Inside, she was shocked to see what looked like a child,
barely three feet tall, rifling through the roll-top desk her grandmother
left to her. He was dressed mostly in black, with a dark wool watch cap
pulled tightly over his head.

Karen continued to watch with a growing feeling of anger. The small figure
turned to move on to another room and she caught his features. He wasn't a
child at all. No. he had all the features of a man in his thirties, but
looked as though he was some kind of a midget.

In truth Boris was a bit of an anomaly. He was born into a poor family in
Krakow, Poland. His parents were unable to provide him with the medical
care his special circumstances required, and as such he went through life
with a series of rare ailments. His diminutive size did make a life of
crime come a little easier to him however. Moving unseen, and unheard
became somewhat of a second nature to him. The lack of any kind of formal
education, and a society filled with prejudicial employers spelled the doom
of any professional career he could have hoped for before he had any chance
at all. So here he was, on another job.

Karen decided she had sat still long enough. She followed the little figure
around to her kitchen window, and began furiously rapping at the glass, and
yelling loudly. With a start, Boris began to run towards the back door.
Unfortunately for him he failed to notice the vacuum cleaner Karen had
carelessly left out from cleaning the night before, and went careening into
the floor. A sickening crack came from his ankle, since as a side effect of
Boris's condition; he had been left with very brittle bones. His condition
was similar to an advanced form of osteoporosis.

Boris let out a scream as his ankle fractured under him. He rubbed his
ankle in his hands as he cursed his own stupidity. "Oh well.." he thought
to himself. "She'll call the cops, I'll go jail for a month or so, and back
to it. " The judge never could resist such a pathetic case as his, and so
it might have gone if he had broken into any other house tonight.
Karen stormed through the back door and saw the little man clutching his
ankle in pain after having tripped over her vacuum. She slammed the door in
her anger and walked up to him.

Boris saw the enraged beauty approaching him. Her heels clacked loudly on
the hardwood floor as she walked. The stern look on her sweet face looked
out of place somehow and her shoulder length blonde hair looked jostled
after her trek home from the subway, She was a vision to the little fellow,
who had never known the touch of a woman in all his years. She loomed over
him with her arms folded, standing silently. "You wait right here!" she
said in as stern a voice as she could muster. "I'm calling the police!!"
She proceeded to walk into the kitchen to grab the cordless phone.

"Alright love." Said Boris. "You do that, and I'll be back here in a month
or two to get what I've come for this time! Maybe I'll come when you're in
bed asleep next time eh?!"

Karen stopped in her tracks. Boris caught himself staring at her beautiful
round bottom, outlined by the seams of her panties just barely visible
under her sheer chute pants. They clung to her hips, accentuated her rear,
and flowed down just above her ankles. She must've weighed about 160 or so
he thought. A little stout for her 5'5" height, but god her proportions
were fantastic!

She turned her head to face Boris over her shoulder. A mischievous little
smile formed across her lips as she said "Oh really? have me
worried". The sarcasm was painfully obvious. She walked over to him,
bending down once she reached him, resting her hands on her knees saying
"What's a little itsy bitsy fella like you going to do to someone like me?
Huh? You can't even get up!" She reached a hand over and pulled off his
cap. She tossed it onto the couch and playfully ruffled his hair.

"Tell you what I'm gonna do." She said, her smile widening. "I'm gonna kick
your ass .just me.a silly little girl. If you can stop me, or get past me,
then you go free, and the cops are none the wiser. Hell, I'll even give you
the money out of my purse. C''ll be fun. Ever wrestle with a chick
before?" Karen bit her lower lip and flashed him a playful look.
Karen stood up to her full height, and the pitiful little man started to
back away. Casually she walked after him, deliberately going slow,
watching his fear grow and getting strangely excited by her new found
power. "Where ya goin' little guy? .hmm? Haha!"

Boris found he had backed himself into a corner. On both sides of him there
were walls, and right in front of him there was the beautiful Karen.
"'s that ankle doing?" she said sarcastically , and placed her foot
right on top of the damaged joint. Boris grabbed her leg with both hands,
in a futile attempt to lift her off of his painful ankle, but it was no
good. Slowly Karen applied her weight on top of his leg, and Boris
whimpered in agony. "Aww, you can take it, can't you big guy?" she said,
and without warning she stood up in a flamingo stand, instantly placing all
of her weight on the damaged limb. White hot pain hot through Boris's leg
as a sickening , wet crunch emanated from the joint.

Karen was immediately turned on by this unexpected turn of events. "My god!
Your ankle just splintered like a dry twig! Let's see if I can scrunch the
other one too." Ignoring the pained groans of Boris she placed the soles of
both her heeled feet over Boris's other ankle, and stood there lunging her
full weight forward onto the limb. Another noisome crackle, followed by the
same moist crunch followed as her weight sank onto him.

Boris wept openly, as the pain in what was left of his legs became almost
too much to bare. Karen giggled to herself. "Gee, its kind of fun. almost
like popping the bubble wrap stuff! Hmm... What can we try next." Karen
stared down at the sobbing figure, and tossed her hair back over her
shoulder. "I know! I think I'll take a load off.It's been a long day at

Boris stared up in horror as Karen turned her back to him. She looked down
at him over her shoulder with a little grin and slowly stepped back so that
her ass was mere inches from him. He futilely pushed against her thighs
with all of his might, but there was no where for him to go. "Please!!
You'll kill me!!" he shrieked. "Oh, come on little guy. I'm not THAT heavy
for god's sake. Tell you what.I'll sit on your head and you guess my
weight!" Saying that Karen began to lower her bottom over poor Boris's
screaming visage.

He felt the sheer material of her chute pants barely holding in the bulge
of her round ass. His head was pushed back, straight with his spine, and he
was forced back into the corner with most of his back against the wall as
the ever increasing weight of Karen's bulk began to press down on him.
Karen rested her elbows on her knees so she could look at the little figure
beneath her. His face was bright red and he fought with all of his strength
trying to lift the massive weight off of his head. His teeth were clenched
and his eyes were squinted almost shut. "wow.pretty impressive so far pal.
Let's see how you do when I'm Really sitting' on ya!" Saying this Karen
closed her eyes and sat up straight. She folded her hands politely on her
lap in front of her and a peaceful smile spread across her lips.

For Boris it felt like the world was coming down on him. He felt the soft
warm bulge of Karen's bottom pressing firmly and unyieldingly down on him.
Various pops and crackles started coming from his spine. Each little noise
produced a pathetic yelp from Boris and a cute little giggle from Karen.
"Ok we go!!" she shouted excitedly and began to lift her bum up
slightly, and bounce it down on Boris's head. The waves or her weight
traveled painfully down his spine, causing disks to slip out of alignment,
and bones to scrape horribly against one another. The sheer agony kept
mounting as Karen increased the height of her bounces, and their frequency.
"How you doing down there fellah? Whoa.this is tiring.let's rest a second
shall we?....ahhhhhh" Karen sat still, once again bringing her full weight
to bear on poor Boris. She pushed her legs out in front of her and crossed
her ankles, looking down quizzically, listening to the sound of bones
cracking. After her bouncing assault, Boris's skeleton couldn't stand up to
Karen's merciless weight upon it. First one crackle, then a pop, then a
crunch, and Karen chuckled as she was slowly sinking to the floor, crushing
Boris's spine into powder vertically. His ribs came loose where they
connected to his shattering spinal column, and vertebrae that didn't fly
out of their place were crunched into splinters. Finally, with a wet
*kroonch!* , Karen's decent onto the crushed man halted a mere foot and a
half off of the floor.

She stood up and surveyed the damage. Boris let out a rasping wheeze as
Karen shook her head at the pathetic site. His arms didn't appear to be
connected to anything as they just flopped around on the fleshy sack that
she had turned his torso into. Blood gurgled out of his mouth and nose, and
tears streamed fourth from his swollen eyes.

"Doesn't look like you're going anywhere honey. But, on the off chance
that you DO recover *giggle* I'd better juuust make sure ." Karen picked up
the smashed little man and layed him down on her hard wooden floor. She
picked up his broken legs and folded them up over his body so that they
came to rest on either side of his face. Boris wheezed a feeble
"No.pleeease don't." to her before she straddled him. Staring right at his
face she licked her lips as she sat on him *CRaaaaack!* Blood flowed out of
Boris's mouth and nose as Karen's butt compressed his already broken body
futher. It looked as though she was attempting to deflate a beach ball by
squeezing the air out of it under her weight.

Without getting off the mangled figure underneath her she casually reached
over onto the table and grabbed an elastic band. She bulled her hair back
and secured the elastic around her pony tail. Standing up, she went into
the living room and brought over her wooden coffee table. She grabbed
Boris and draped him over it, face up.

Karen kneeled down by the dying man, who was now sobbing openly as he
gagged and gurgled on his own blood. "Ok baby.shhh now.*giggle*. I'm going
to sit on your face now, and crush your little head flat. Man..I just sat
on you and LOOK at you.your body is a sack of bloody pulp. Guess you picked
the wrong house to break into tonight pal. Anyways.bye bye." Karen
emphasized her farewell by tickling the underside of Boris's chin and
giving him a little wink.

She threw her leg over the table and straddled Boris's upturned face. The
voluptuous curve of her bottom came closer and closer until finally he felt
her weight pressing down on him. Over the mounds of her buttox he could see
her pony tail hanging there, and sense the arch of her back. As her bottom
swallowed his face, he felt the sting of the sheer material of her chute
pants pressing heavily onto his skin. Karen lifted her feet of the floor
and brought her legs out in front of her, covering Boris's entire body. His
head disappeared almost completely underneath her ass. "Oh.uh-oh.I can feel
your little head startin' to give." Karen put her hands on her hips and
bit her lower lip as she waited for the end. She felt the creaks and groans
of Boris's skull as it began to give way under her ass. " *chuckle*.juuuust
another second little buddy.almost..almost." and with that *Skrelchh!* her
bottom met the table as she flattened his head like an over-ripe
watermelon. "Whoa! Now that's gotta be painful!" She said as she flexed
her glutes on the remnants of Boris's face.

After relishing the squelch of Boris's remains underneath her, Karen stood
up and went to the laundry room to get some cleaning supplies. She'd have a
long night ahead of her after this incident, but with the fun she had
dishing out the punishment, she definitely thought it was worth the

By Gary2112. aka Thomas298

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Hell in the Long Term Care Facility Part 2- Through Bernice's Eyes

***A commissioned piece for Compassionate-Angel!  Thanks for the points!!***

Bernice lay in her bed, fully aware of what was going on around her, her old brittle bones riddled with fractures from abuse, her joints aching horribly. Like so many patients on this ward, the nursing staff took horrible advantage of her, subjecting her to unspeakable treatment for the simple fact that they could not speak for themselves.

She had been in this state for well over a year. her family had left her in the care of the ward, mostly forgetting about least 8 months had gone by since any of her family had been by to see her or even called to check on her progress. The plumbing in the ward was ratty at the best of times, but today it was particularly bad. A slow leak in the sink in Bernice's room had progressed from a slow drip...a drip that in the silence of the nights sounded like a reverberating drum to her unshielded old ears. Finally maintenance staff were coming...and overhearing the conversation the fact that the constant annoyance would finally be fixed was at least one glimmer of good news in her otherwise hopeless existence.

That morning a porter wheeled Bernice's bed across the hall into an occupied room temporarily. There lay a man in an unresponsive state, his head facing the center of the room, eyes barely open and completely blank. "I'll take her from here" chirped Audrey to the porter, as he simply nodded and left to attend to other duties.

Striding over to the door Audrey closed it and clicked the lock shut...

As they wheeled me into the room my hopes were dashed...I saw another poor soul laying in his bed..staring with blank, but conscious eyes...much as I am sure I appeared to him. That horrible girl Audrey came in and gave me an evil smirk as she shooed the porter out and locked the door. I watched her walking towards me, her painful curves swaying to and fro...her hand rubbing her abdomen as she came... Standing up on the bed I saw up her long, young, shapely legs to the bubble of her rear end, and her hair cascading down her shoulders in its pony tail. She simply knelt on the bed straddling me, then slowly descended her backside towards my upturned, immobile face.

Her cheeks pressed against me..the stink of her panty fabric pushing against my thin, wrinkled skin paled in comparison to the immediate musky smell of her crack. As she settled back my nose slipped between her soft, round buttocks..inching deeper and deeper . Every shallow breath I took came through my nose..and her weight resting on my face made even that almost impossible. *guurrrgle--gluuurg*  Involuntary tears welled up in my eyes as I knew all too well what that sound meant... "Uhhnnn..." murmurred Audrey as she shifted her weight around slightly. I felt her anus pushing outwards against my face...then *Brrrrrrrrroooffffffffffffnnt*  "ahhhhhhhhh..."  A hot, foul and focused jet of methane and sulphur whooshed into my nose and over my face, immediately feeling as though I walked into a sauna from a frigid winter night. The smell was sour like old milk, with a hint of eggs infused in it like some insidious chemical.

Sitting a little heavier as if to emphasize my predicament, again, I felt Audrey's asshole push the ass of her panties down onto my squashed nose.. *Brrrrrmmp.    Brrrrrrrrmp.    Frrrrrrrr...rrrrrr........rrrrrrrrffffffffrrrmp.  Brrrrrrrrrnnnfffff*  "ahhhhhhhhh...." Audrey sighed breathily as a series of slow, increasingly warm farts hissed and vibrated out of her into my nostrils, and over my reddening, sweaty cheeks. The smell again like expired milk, the acidic lactose burning the inside of my nasal passages like boiled tears flowed freely as she made effortless little grunts and straining noises followed by more euphoric sighs of relief..."Uhhhn....yeah...take a whiff bitch...not like you have a fucking choice, cuz I am not moving." *Brrrrrrrrnnnf.  Brrrrrrmp.   Brrrrrrrrrmmp.  BrrrrOOOMMMFFFF!!* Ahhhhhhhhh....

I went in and out of consciousness during the last minutes of Audrey's cruel bombardment...until finally I felt the cool air wash over my face, followed by a rough scrub with a wet facecloth. The evaporation on my cheeks at this point felt like a winter breeze in contrast to being sat on for the last ...well...I lost track of how long. My room mate, still staring out of nearly closed eyes seems to show pity...but it's impossible to tell. If he's conscious inside there like me, I'm sure he has stories just like mine of the hellish treatment in this dump for hopeless souls.

Minutes later, Carol entered the room, locking the door with that god awful *click* noise that by now reminded me of the cocking of a gun. She strode over to the bed hurriedly and roughly dragged my head to the bedside, my neck at an awkward angle. She slid her scrubs down over her large, round ass while her back was to me. I could smell her already, working all day her odour was pungent as soon as the barrier of her clothing was out of the way. Reaching down her hand pushed my jaw open, already sore from being under Audrey earlier... She sat down on my chest, compressing my ribs, and scooted forward until her crotch was over my mouth, holding it open. My light was cut off as she closed her legs together, and an immediate flow of acrid, salty urine flooded into my open maw like a torrent of yellow sewage. *ssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.......*  The hiss of it was palpable from my vantage point...I had no way to turn away, no control to swallow it...immediately it began backing up into my sinuses, and filling my lungs. The burn of it...the unanswered gag reflex...the feeling of your body wanting to violently cough to expel the caustic liquid was a pain unto it's burned as my air sacs filled with it and still Carol relaxed on my face letting her urine flow freely... *SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS......* Please! Someone...anyone! It badly...she's drowning me! My lungs....this is AGONY!!!...  *SSSsssssssssssssssssssssss*  ahhhhhhhhh...

Rising off my face, my poor old sack of bones took a reflexive breath that sounded like a clogged drain being plunged with a broken plunger. Gouts of Carol's foul liquid bubbled out of my nose and mouth onto the sheets, burning my airways as they went, barely enough oxygen to sustain my consciousness finding its way inside. I was in so much pain and near asphyxia I could barely process the angry tirade Carol was spitting at me...obviously angry she had to rectify the condition she put me in, lest she be discovered. While she assembled the hoses to vacuum her fluid from my lungs she spoke it. "I'm going to sit all of my weight right on your face and make sure you're intimately familiar with all these boiling rumbles my rotten guts are making." Carol accentuated her point by patting her abdomen menacingly. "Ohhhh, how I'm going to rip beer fart, after beer fart, after hot, burning, stinking beer fart right onto your squashed little face while you cry to yourself in silence, you old whore. The only thing you're going to smell for whatever life you have left are the remnants of my putrid flatulence stuck to the inside of your sinuses....and I swear to you I will feel the crunch of your old brittle bones slowly give way under my ass every time I come in to your room... I'm going to enjoy this. Let's get started, shall we?" Violently she applied the aspirator down my throat...scraping me horribly without the use of an intubator...the suction liberated nearly a full litre of bloody, mucous filled urine from my lungs, leaving my airways literally burned from the prolonged exposure to uric acid. Every breath was extremely sensitive...and Carol was about to sit yet again...

Such bitter anger and hatred...the bully denied her whim of using me as an a toilet...for the simple fact I lacked the ability to even swallow on my own. She had nearly DROWNED me...left me in unimaginable pain and humliation...the degradation of being abused to that be made sub human...and to be cursed...belittled... beaten down after the fact...I felt like a tortured animal crawling on its belly to the inevitable slaughter.

Plopping her considerable backside onto my already tortured face, Carol folded her arms and put her legs out in front of her. She had an angry, defiant look on her...with a chilling coldness to her expression. I saw her moon shaped, bare ass descent, and swallow my old head like a python swallowing an egg. She expertly positioned her rosebud ON the tip of my nose as the cacophony of abdominal rumbling filled my ears. Between the depths of her cheeks it smelled beyond musky..almost like oily sardines.. I knew this was going to be bad...

*FAH-ROOOOMMP!!*  *BRRRRRMP!*  *GRrrrrrowowowRROOMP!*  ahhhhhhh.

Please god!! NO! The HEAT of it in my burned air passages is like liquid FIRE!! ANYONE!! PLEE-


*BAHHH-RUMMP!* ahhhhhhhhhh

" I am going to sit on your face like this you old bitch, and you are going to S-M-E-L-L every last ounce of my ROTTEN beer only regret is that I can't hear you CRY! *hrrrrnnnggg..*  BRRROONT!! *BRRRMMP!! *FRRRrrrrrrrNNTTT!!  ahhhhhhhh... " she if passing out a sentence from a haughty southern judge on a convicted rapist.!! Can't anyone HEAR these rumbling gun shots? Do they not care? My GOD please HELP stinks SOO badly...HEL-


Noooooo!!! PLEE-



*BRRRRRRRNNNFFF*  "aaahhhhhhhhh...SMELL it...." spat Carol, in a hue of unchallenged, incontrovertible smugness.

My lungs were in SEARING pain from Carol's wicked fumes...She deliberately sat her weight on me such that every accursed blast shot straight INTO me and remained there. The pressure built with every scalding jet of rectal steam she forced out. My oxygen drained..replaced by spite of the BURNING, itching hellfire over-inflating my poor old alveoli, like an errand of mercy my consciousness faded out under her seemingly unending thunder...thank the lord....thank the lord...

I awoke to cloudy was night the only light came in under the door to the hallway.  True to her venomous, cruel words, Carol was right...every breath reeked of her beer tainted clung to my sinuses like tar...permeated them...enveloped them, adding to the misery of my existence. I could hear a mop being swished along the floor and someone humming to themselves. Every breath I took still burned like blowing air over an open neck hurt from being at an un natural angle under Carol's ass for so long.  I don't know how long I was out for...but my breath still rattled as though fluid remained in my lungs and I could feel my face was still raw from being sat on.

Suddenly the door opened. The huge, overweight janitress waddled in, leaning her mop against the wall, and locking the door behind her. *Grrrowwl---rrrumble--grrkkk--orrowow*  Her stomach sound like a trio of Bengal tigers chained to a stake...pulling at their chains to devour their prey.

"Whooowee ol' girl...I dunno whut I dun went and eat today, but *grrrwwwll--grrrnk*  OHH my guts is bubblin like a witches cauldron. I'm gonna take off these ol sweaty britches and sit on yo face for a good long spell an I'm gonna let alllll this rumblin out all relaxed like. It is gonna stiiiIIIINK I reckon....and girly, you gonna smell it, smell it SMELL-IT until I git done. And uh...jus 'tween you an me...I'd say hello to yo maker...cuz....I don't think you gonna survive...haha...." Jackie said, as she peeled off her sausage casing pants and underwear, and undulated her girth towards me...making the bed protest in loud creaks as she got on and began to position her MASSIVE ass over my poor tortured head...

Looking up, I saw the rolls of fat making up her back, and her enormous round backside. She slapped it audibly as she looked back over her shoulder giving me a big, mean spirited, condescending smile, and began to squat. As she did so..her cheeks separated and I could see inside their dark confines...the closer they got, their moist warmth washed over me like the uncomfortable trip outside of an air conditioned mall on a humid July day.

My face slipped between her cheeks easily, disappearing from view along with most of my torso under her humungous form. The inside of her buttocks were slick as grease from her sweat and smelled like the underside of an outhouse. Her weight settling on my skull was overwhelming...and the rumbling inside her belly was all I could hear.

"Hmmm..there we go...all nice an comfy. Get ready to eat my staink you ol bat, cuz shugah, I ain't gettin off a yo face." Said Jackie..her cruel, smug words seemed to turn her on, as her breathing quickened in anticipation of what she was about to subject me to.

*GRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrnnt!!*  *PHHARROOMP!* *PRRROOMMP!*  *Grrrrrnnt! *GRRRRRNT!* *GRRRRRRRNT!*  "Ohh hohoho!! Looord up ABOVE tha's HOT ain't it girly?" chuckled Jackie through her first barrage.

I wish I had the descriptive powers to convey to you what this enormous woman's gas felt like as it scalded my airways. The force of it was destructive enough on it's minutes I felt several of my air sacs burst under the strain. It was so humid and moisture filled, it felt like an aerosol of stink particles from some demonic sprinkler was forcing endless waves of sulphur droplets into my nose. Every ONE of Jackies farts had the same volume as five of any other of the attendants who used my face as a seat cushion, and the pile of fermented waste lining her intestines raised the temperature of her emissions to the point of blistering.

"Ha ha ha...whooo ain't seen NOTHIN yet granny!! "  *FRRRRRRRRNT!!*  *FRRROOOMMMP!!*  *BRRRRowowowow...owowowow.....RRROOOMP!!*  Ahhhhhhhh..   *GRRRRNT*.  *GRRRRRRNT*...*GRRRRRRRRNNT*  ahhhhhhhhh

The sizzling, steaming bursts of methane shot into my nose as forcefully as a leaf blower. PLEASE let my suffering end!! Won't SOMEONE please walk in and-

*GRRRRRRNNTTT!!*  ahhhhhhhhh

*BBRRRRUMMMMP!!*  ahhhhhhhh

CHRIST!! The pain!! The STENCH!! My alveoli begin to pop like bubble wrap after each cruel lungs feel like someone emptied a nest of angry HORNETS into them..*sob*...and she just...won't ....sto-





*GRRRRRRRRRNNFF-BRRRRRRRUMMP!!*  "Ohhhh missy...they's just gettin worse an WORSE..hahahaha!"

My prayers going unanswered...the utter ruin of my life-giving lungs under the force of cubic meters of rancid fermentation biproduct...the pain itself overwhelming my nervous system...I succumb slowly to the undulating thunder of this giant hog of a woman sat on my tears serve only to add to the bubbling..flubbering sounds of her meaty cheeks slapping against she gasses me over, and over and over again...not even realizing I passed away under her until nearly a full twenty minutes later. At least now...unlike the last hopeless years of my life spent abandoned by friend and family alike I will know peace.
Got around to writing a story request. Hope you all like it, a few more are in the queue!


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